Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Heat Advisory

The hot and humid weather has returned to the Valley. Fortunately for us—thanks to the modern miracle known as AC—we’re cool and comfortable inside.   

During these times it’s all too easy to forget about the wildlife and their need for fresh water in times of heat stress. 

Here’s some great advice from the British newspaper and website The Guardian;

All flora and fauna, from bumblebees to bats, need water to stay alive, but some species are finding the heat more difficult than others. For example, house sparrows – who tend not to venture far from their nests – require a source of water nearby.

Conservationists suggest putting out a plate of water in the garden or balcony and filling up ponds. However water straight from the tap contains organic concentrates which can be toxic to certain animals, James said. Water left to stand for a day in a bucket is ideal.

Like humans, birds and animals need to keep their body temperature below lethal temperatures and most do so by panting. At high temperatures, they can rapidly become dehydrated and can die within a matter of hours.

The rest of the story can be found here:  

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