Sunday, August 25, 2013

We're Having a Heat Wave

Oh, no!  Here we go, back into the soup, again.  The brutal, miserable and dangerous heat has returned, and with a vengeance.  Ten day forecasts are predicting an extended spell of “Hell-on-Earth” type temperatures.  

If the heat wave is affecting where you live, please take precautions with your pets and remember to look out for the wildlife.  Even in tough economic times, EVERYONE can help out our animal friends by providing fresh water. 

I HATE the heat. I’d had high hopes for this summer.  For a while it seemed like the decade-long drought that has so damaged once lush Minnesota was breaking.  The spring and early summer were wet and cool, but now we have been without rain for about three weeks and the plant life is suffering.  It’s time for a rain dance.

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