Sunday, September 1, 2013

Adios Summer!

September 1st and summer is in our rear view mirror here in the northern hemisphere. Goodbye, and good riddance—hopefully—to the stifling heat and dry air.  A cool wet fall would be most welcome but the long range forecast appears to have the St. Croix Valley stuck in its usual hot and arid weather pattern. Fingers and toes crossed for a change in the jet stream!
Summer 2013 was a productive time around Bon Bon Acres.  Thanks to Chad, the world’s greatest neighbor, the entire pasture was mowed, laying waste to years of thistle, goldenrod and other undesirable plant life.  Thanks to Jeff, the world’s greatest friend, nearly all trees, accept the pond’s oak savannah (winter project) and BIG box elders by the railroad tracks, were pruned in what amounted to a mammoth project that produced three gargantuan brush piles and a couple years’ worth of kindling.

After years of neglect (my bad), it’s a great feeling to know my beloved trees have finally received the care and attention they deserve.  The box elder by the road, in particular, was in serious need of trimming.  These trees have shallow root systems and thus are in danger of toppling over when lower branches are allowed to grow large.  Removing two gigantic lower limbs and performing some careful re-shaping has no doubt added years to this lovely old fella’s life. The effort took two days but the work was worth it. Plus, I owe this proud driveway sentinel a debt of gratitude for the thirty odd years he has absorbed and blocked the dust that comes off the filthy old cow path known as 120th Street.

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