Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cow Path Chronicles

We were "flushed" with excitement  early Saturday morning when someone "dumped" off a port-a-potty at the end of the filthy old cow path. We thought, perhaps, it was to accommodate bike riders in some sort of race, but, alas, no cyclists showed up.  As of late last evening we were "relieved" to see it was still here, although whether it survives a Saturday night out in this neck of the woods is questionable.  ??? "Urine" a lot of trouble, though, if you deface such a landmark so I'm assuming my neighbors know better than to "go" there.

Actually, I hope it stays and have even designed a sign to match.  What a perfect accoutrement to the world's crappiest road. 

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  1. I wonder if the outhouse was supposed to "go" to another location in "Loo" of your location? (snicker) !!!!!!! Someone definitely "had a blockage" when "depositing" this wonderful structure at your house !!!!!!

    Might have been a "brain fart" !!!!!!


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