Friday, September 27, 2013

Bon Bon Pond Forest Update

Many thanks to our friends at Asplundh Tree Expert Company and Xcel Energy for yesterday’s trimming project. Several of the big oaks were lying on the power wires creating a potential fire hazard. Due to concern for oak wilt, these majestic behemoths were unable to be cut in June when the guys had originally come thru so a return visit was scheduled for the safe season. 

We are most appreciative of the care in which they serviced my priceless and irreplaceable forest sentinels.Additionally, the technicians took time to walk thru the woods with me and explain techniques to prevent root rot and other diseases that strike aging oaks.

It’s been great fun to have the Asplundh guys in the area this summer.  I’ve gotten to talk with most of the teams and in the process have learned much about identifying trees and performing proper maintenance.   They are consummate professionals and always eager to share their knowledge.



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  1. Hi Kathleen !

    Wow ! What a great job those folks from Asplundh did for you and the Oak trees ! And it was wonderful that those fellows took some time to help you in caring your Oak trees even better ! See? There are good folks still out there - you just don't hear about them on the news !!!!!!!!



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