Wednesday, September 18, 2013

After the Rain

Saturday’s luscious rains lifted the spirits—and the leaves—of Bon Bon Pond’s parched and drooping vegetation.   The trees and shrubs and plants appeared to magically magnify as their branches reached out and upward for the life-affirming liquid nourishment.  
Just like last year, we have suffered thru a six to eight week damaging dry spell. Hardest hit have been the white ash trees that grow in the forest and thus are beyond "hose range."  

Around Minnesota in the summer, it’s often not easy bein’ green. 

My beautiful front yard birch are nearing the age of 50, which is the average lifespan for these gorgeous trees.  They seem to handle drought well but I still "shower" them with  TLC during times of drought..

The huge silver maples are hardy trees that can tolerate drought well.  Some people say their roots cause problems with sidewalks, etc. during droughts  but these mammoths exist along the driveway and have never caused trouble.
Early leaf yellowing is a sign of stress for the lovely white ash.  FYI-this hardy hardwood is the premier firewood source as it is the only tree that produces no creosote when burned.  A relative newcomer to the Bon Bon Pond forest, these trees grow straight and very fast.

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