Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!


Happy Leap Year Day! As it only comes around once every four years, hope you can do something special and make it a memorable one.  

There are many tales concerning February 29th, with the most notable dating back to fifth century Ireland and involving saints Patrick and Brigid. The latter complained it was unfair that only men could propose marriage.  After what must have been a heated discussion, the hallowed pair reached an agreement:  that the fair sex could pop the question once every four years.  The Legend goes on to say that  on leap year day poor Brigid--a.k.a. Mary of the Gael--asked Patrick for his hand but was rejected.  Hope your day goes much better than poor Brigid’s!
If today is your birthday, congratulations!  There is an entire website devoted just to YOU and YOUR story.  Check it out! 

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