Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Monticello Trumpeter Swan Report

“No snow means no birds” —that’s the word, in a nutshell, from Jim Lawrence, winter waterfowl caretaker.  To date, this season’s mild and dry weather has kept the number of avian visitors to Monticello, Minnesota’s “Swan Park” down to record low numbers.  At best, Jim reported 1000 birds per day consuming 700 pounds of corn. In a normal winter, the Lawrence family was feeding about 2200 swans, 1000 plus ducks and  1000 plus geese a ton of corn per day from December to March.

When asked about the Trumpeter Swans observed here in Stillwater flying south, Jim said he believed the birds were indeed heading out in search of nesting sites.  Minnesota is home to an estimated 6500 to 7000 of these magnificent avians.  Here at Bon Bon Pond we decided to put up a modest sign welcoming the pure white wonders of the air and advertising our hosting abilities.  :-)  Fingers and toes crossed!


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