Thursday, February 16, 2012

Purple Martin Spring Migration


As winter wanes, North American ornithologists are dreaming PurpleMartins, that is!  These beautiful and beloved colony  birds have begun leaving their winter abodes in South America and heading north to their nesting grounds.  Purple Martins are known to travel up to 7,000 miles during their spring migration.

PhotobucketAdult males, known as “scouts” are the first to arrive, followed by groups of males and females, who will then mate.  The last arrivals are the “subadults”--last year’s fledglings--who might not breed this season.  This group is the most open to new housing.

Here at Bon Bon Pond we are excited to begin a new chapter of “Adventures in Birding” with a brand new Purple Martin house that’s scheduled for set up next month! Fingers and toes crossed for a huge flock, as food—i.e. insects—are plentiful.  Stay tuned for a story, photos and further updates.


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  1. What a great idea, Kathleen !!!!

    Count me in to help you with setting up the house!!!!



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