Sunday, May 13, 2012

Maternal Memories

Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope each and every mom enjoys a day of recognition and reward.  

For many of us, this holiday is bittersweet.  If, like me,  your mother has passed, and your heart is aching,  I wish you a day filled with sweet reflections.  She may be gone, but through thought and deed, we can keep her memory alive and forever close.

My mother’s love and spirit  remain with me through nature and the land she loved.

When we first moved to Bon Bon Pond back in 1969, one of mom’s first tasks was to plant the cutting of her late mother’s favorite flower—the bleeding heart.  One part of this  precious plant had followed my mother, and her mother before her, through countless moves over a span of sixty years.  

Today I treasure this perennial above all others and tend to it with tender loving care.  It’s brief but breath-taking bloom—always around Mother’s Day—is like a sign from the Heavens that mom, and grandma, are close and watching over me.

And when one of us is gone
And one of us is left to carry on
Then remembering will have to do
Our memories alone will get us through
Think about the days of me and you
You and me against the world

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