Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Waterfowl Updates

One of my most important, and time-consuming, spring tasks involves raking the bank.  The hill to the water is too steep to use a lawn mower so it’s kept trimmed via a gas-powered string trimmer.  But before I can get started cutting,  last year’s leaves, fallen lumber and other debris must be removed.  The cleanup effort is more than ornamental as the geese prefer short grass for grazing and lounging. 

I hope to finish up before the first of June but progress is impeded by my impatient waterfowl—particularly my skittish ducks who fly off in a huff when my trusty rake and I appear. 

Today was no different except that both Canada Geese families were present and, in a leap of faith that touched my heart, stayed put and tolerated my presence.  At one point I was no more than ten feet from my flock.  I was deeply moved that the parents allowed me such up close and personal access to their offspring. 

More raking is on tomorrow’s agenda, but this time, will bring the camera.  Fingers and toes crossed for some good shots.

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