Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pond Ponderings

Cats, dogs and pitchforks!  Man, did it rain!  It’s been a long time since Bon Bon Pond has been treated to an old- fashioned gully washer.  At 3:00 a.m. I was awakened to the refreshing sounds of water bursting over the  gutters and crashing onto the asphalt.  I purposely stayed awake just to enjoy the sound, smell and sight of a critically needed thunderstorm.    It was a hard rain, but a nice rain, as it came straight down and with little wind.  Unfortunately, the humidity—precipitation’s unwelcome symbiotic partner—has moved in today, but all in all it’s a fair tradeoff.  Give me downpours for the Pond and I’ll suffer thru a sweaty day.

William was noticeably absent yesterday.  He did not make one corn visit which tells me Leona’s eggs have hatched.  I took a walk to the south Pond in the afternoon and saw him standing guard just outside the tall cattails.  I am so excited to see this year’s goslings.  Stay tuned for photos!

Considering Canada Geese hatchlings, I am somewhat surprised to see the spring mating game among the ducks still ongoing.  Groups of mallard drakes are still chasing fickle  females.  The hens appear to be taking their time with mate selection.

Right after yesterday’s early morning Oriole sighting, a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak made his appearance.  Such beautiful birds!  The females are not as showy but certainly rank as one of summer’s friendliest and sweetest birds.  Can’t wait for my girls to arrive!

No Hummingbird sightings, yet.

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