Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More from Our West Coast Correspondent

Something funny happened on Friday I thought our readers might enjoy.  I went to Lindo Lake in the San Diego, CA area and when I was leaving a small group of Canada Geese were near the parking lot. They were grazing when this little fellow appeared from around the tree.
To my surprise he began to chase the geese and even more of a surprise, they actually ran away!

See him in the background below herding them away.  It really shocked me!  I have never seen the geese run from ANYTHING, except maybe a human or a dog.  But a baby Night Heron?

Hmmm, maybe there's some sort of code?  Who's to know.  But it was funny and it made me laugh out loud :)

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  1. i went back yesterday and this little fellow was observing the geese from a pepper tree. Anytime the geese got too close, he would almost hang off the side of the tree until they saw him and they would walk away. he's a strange one that's for sure and your interpretation was perfect :)


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