Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bon Bon Pond All Stars

Special Note from LaBonBon:  Sorry for the “far away” pics.  This year my parenting geese are very protective of their offspring.  In fact, they rarely swim across the pond, preferring instead to hide in the tall grass on Bonnie’s side.  Perhaps this is in response to the raptors who now call the pond home.  ???  Either way, their strategy is working as all six of their goslings have survived.  They will be three weeks old on Friday.

The new resident woodchuck is also very skittish.  He runs for his life whenever he sees me.  I still dearly miss my beloved Sunny, the world’s sweetest and friendliest woodchuck.  She loved to watch Jeff work and would keep him company.  We last saw her go to sleep for the winter in mid-September of 2012. ??? 

The turkeys are my closest wildlife companions.  They are here all day every day and talk to me constantly.  The males seem to be in competition with the new neighborhood rooster and holler every time he crows.  The sounds of the country are music to my ears.
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  1. i LOVE the pictures!! So glad to see all the goslings have made it :)


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