Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pruning Time

Yes, I really do!  There are several different varieties—Goldflame, Little Princess and Magic Carpet, to name just a few—and I have most of them here at Bon Bon Acres.  They are hardy deciduous shrubs that require little love and attention yet delight with an array of vivid colors throughout the year.   

In 2003, I planted seven Magic Carpets around the gazebo and they have done wonderfully—until the last two severe drought years.  Alas, the extended summers of high temps and no rain took their toll but this recent brutal winter really wreaked havoc with my beloved bushes—especially the ones facing west.  Helping them to recover is a two-step process: today,  a severe prune back; tomorrow, Miracle-Gro. 

(please click on image to embiggen) 
Magic Carpet Spirea after receiving the shrub's equivalent of a Heinie.

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