Monday, August 6, 2012

Frank Lloyd Wright Postscript

Stillwater, MN is proudly home to a FLW designed residence. Named “The Lovness Estate-The Studio,” it is located on lovely little Woodpile Lake just a short ways west of Bon Bon Pond and was recently for rent. Here was how the ad read:

"Known as the Lovness Estate in Stillwater, this Home called the Studio sits on 20 acres of lake front and offers breath-taking views and a feeling of inner peace. Made of Dolomite Stone and Fir wood, it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and personally built by the Lovness Family. This is a one of a kind beauty and has been meticulously maintained over the years, which will show as soon as you step on the property. This home is extremely unique, completely furnished, energy efficient and can truly be appreciated for its beauty by the right person."

And enjoy this wonderful video/virtual tour of the estate!

Here's another video which shows Don and Virginia Lovness’ incredible estate in winter.  Be sure and read the comments as they offer further information and insight.

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