Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sunny Update

Good news to report on my little woodchuck.  She’s been active all day and eating a ton of her favorite food: sunflower seeds.  It’s just as hot today as yesterday but the humidity is lower.  Her breathing is better and she hasn’t been digging body trenches. 

This afternoon her brother appeared but then took off when he saw me. Obviously both are living here although they keep their distance from each other. Woodchucks are notorious loners so it should be most interesting to see how this plays out.   Stay tuned for further updates.


Sunny "plays well with others."  She gets along great with the squirrels and the groundfeeding birds.


  1. Phew! Glad to hear Sunny is okay! Perhaps she will find a dwelling of her own. I think it is amazing when animals choose to connect with us. Perhaps she was weaned too soon and craves soem Mothering. How sweet of you to care for her!

  2. Hi Tracy! Good insight! There is indeed something unusual going on here. Last evening I saw her go under the gazebo, which made me really happy. There are woodchuck homes under the wooden steps which face the water. under the barn and under the shed so, hopefully, there should be enough space for two woodchucks.


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