Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monticello Trumpeter Swan Update

Our friend, Jim Lawrence of Monticello MN, has checked in to provide us with a Winter 2013 Trumpeter Swan Report:

“Nothing really going on yet. We got a couple inches of snow on Thanksgiving Day and it stayed for the most part til Saturday. I ordered corn the day after Thanksgiving and got it the following Monday so I'm ready when they do come. First couple days after the ‘snow’ about 25 showed up and hung around all day resting, loafing and preening. Following day another 30 or so showed up and joined the original early arrivals. Third day had about a 100 show up.

“As the weather has warmed, the snow melted and there haven't been any swans here for a couple days. With the Monticello Trumpeters, it’s all about the snow. If everything is froze up and there's snow on the ground they will come to Monti.”

To view Sheila’s Swans please click on the live cam link featured with the widget (ad) on the right side of this blog.  

The video link below tells the story of the re-emergence of the Trumpeter Swan to Minnesota and will introduce you to the late Sheila Lawrence, the Swan Lady of Monticello,  who dedicated her life to the winter care of these majestic birds.

To read more about Sheila, and her husband Jim, who is carrying on her mission, please look for “labels” at the bottom of this post and click on “Sheila’s Swans.”

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