Sunday, December 16, 2012

Two Beaks Up!

It’s always fun to find new products that my birdies adore.  In this case, I don’t know if the foodstuff is actually a recent addition to the market but nonetheless it just debuted here at Bon Bon Pond. 

Last week, while shopping at Menard’s, I noticed a bag of “peanut flavored suet nuggets” manufactured by the C&S Corporation.  The same company also makes a handy-dandy matching feeder with adjustable perches.  I thought what the heck and purchased the feeder and two bags of the pellets. 

Within minutes of hanging up the new unit, two of my inquisitive Downy Woodpeckers appeared, eager to give it a try.  It didn’t take long before the entire population of Downys, plus their larger relatives, the Hairy Woodpeckers, had staked claim to the new delicacy.  Unfortunately, both species have to fight off the Starlings for a spot at the table.

The bag says “attracts wild birds” but to date only the woodpeckers (plus the pests!) have taken an interest.  It will be interesting to see if nuthatches or even chickadees eventually take an interest. Either way, I am pleased with the product as it makes my beloved woodpeckers so happy.  I am near the end of my second bag already and have added “Peanut Suet Nuggets” to my permanent wild bird shopping list.

The Downys' Delight!

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