Wednesday, January 8, 2014

California Dreamin'

To break the monotony of snow and cold, our west coast correspondent and chief photographer sent along these photos of San Diego avians enjoying the sun and surf. 

Today the temp in southern CA was 75 degrees.  Ahhhhhh.

(please click on images to embiggen) 




  1. it's cooling down here in San Diego, it may only reach 71 degrees today. Just doesn't seem fair when the rest of country is a frozen tundra...

  2. Thanks for sending your heat our way! It's a positively balmy three degrees at present., Break out the lawn chairs and grill!

  3. Ohhhh....California dreamin..I left my heart in San Francisco!

  4. It was so cold here, your word froze before anyone could hear them - LOL !!!!!!

    Thanks for the warm-up Chandel !!!!!


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