Thursday, January 2, 2014

Remember the Wildlife in Cold Weather

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Baby, it’s cold outside! The Midwest has been in a deep freeze for much of December and the new year is continuing the trend.  Unfortunately, we can’t bring the wildlife indoors during frigid snaps but we can still help out our furry and feathered friends.   

For birds, if you can put out seed or corn that’s great but fresh water is even more beneficial as avians expend a great deal of energy converting snow into hydration.

Many smaller mammals, like P.J. the Virginia Opossum and raccoons, love cat food.  The grocery store brands provide economical yet much-needed nourishment.

For a variety of reasons, many non-native animals end up in environments for which they are not suited.  The Ring-necked Pheasant is one example. A native of China, this beautiful bird was introduced into the Midwest for gaming purposes but the species is not designed for cold and deep snow and thus has a difficult time surviving Arctic-type weather. 

If you live where the temps are low, look our for God's creatures.  In the case of opossums, something as simple as providing an old garbage can for shelter can get them thru a rough winter.  When in doubt about how to help a certain critter, just ask Google!

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