Friday, January 24, 2014

Gone to Pot

Yes.  Last week we were sending out an SOS—the universal signal of distress—on account of a major inconvenience.

Never one to get ‘throne” for a loss, Bon Bon Pond’s best buddy Jeff was “johnny on the spot” to respond to our lower level’s wayward water closet—the first such problem in nearly 45 years.  Since the issue occurred on the season’s coldest day we weren’t sure what was causing the loo to “poop” out:  a freeze up or plug up?   Armed with plumbing gadgets from Menard’s home improvement store, Jeff was ready to “plunge” ahead and get to the “head” of the problem.  With the help of a $6 closet snake we soon determined a clog was the culprit.  “Flushed” with excitement, Jeff quickly took care of “business” and in a "biffy jiffy" away went my worries, down the drain!”   

“Butt” seriously, thanks Jeff for helping us out of a “jam!”

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