Tuesday, December 12, 2017

I Heart Firewood

Another winter.       Another woodpile. 2017-2018’s stash may not be as impressive in size as year’s past, but it’s significant for another reason.  For the first time, all the lumber is homegrown, harvested, cut and split at Bon Bon Acres.  The entire year we’ve been skidding downed trees and picking up branches.  

The little stuff is time-consuming to both collect and stuff in the firebox, but it burns and keeps us toasty warm.  While the process has certainly been a lot of work playing lumberjack is both fun and rewarding. Plus, there's the satisfaction that comes from going off the grid.

P. S.  Special thanks are due our friend, Jeff, for all his hard work on behalf of this effort.  

(please click on images to embiggen) 


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