Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Wing and a Prayer

“Molting is the term that is given to the 8-10 week flightless period when Canada geese shed their outer wing feathers and regrow new ones. Molting occurs between mid-June through August. Most birds are able to resume flight by mid-August.”

Hmmmm.  Two of my three resident geese families took off on Monday morning, July 22nd.  I was outside and witnessed the always awe-inspiring moment when they gracefully lift from the water.  It was a rare and wonderful privilege to watch this season’s goslings test their new feathers and fly for the first time.  We earthbound humans can only wonder what it must feel like to defy the laws of gravity and soar upwards into the heavens.  Such freedom!

The information above comes from a website called wildgoosechasers.  The folks that write here consider Canada Geese "pests" yet also claim to be knowledgeable about the birds’ behaviors.  Self-proclaimed “animal experts” always make me smile--particularly the  heartless ones who view wildlife as something to be controlled and punished.  The more time I spend observing the animal kingdom the more respect and reverence I gain for God’s creatures.  They are wonderful and wise and mysterious in their ways.  The attempt by humans to simplistically interpret, categorize and explain away their behaviors invariably falls short. 

I applaud my geese for taking wing on their OWN schedule.  Godspeed my feathered friends.  Come home soon.

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