Sunday, July 1, 2012

Something to Crow About!

It’s time for me to eat a little crow—figuratively speaking, that is. I often get exasperated with these huge black beasts and their never-ending quest to steal the little birds’ suet but I must confess, their ingenuity and creativity make me smile.

I finally figured out a way to keep the cakes in the basket by using twist ties to secure the locking mechanism but I know the murder has their best engineers working on the problem.  I may have won this battle, but the war wages on . . .

One particularly forward fellow, nicknamed Fred, has taken to perching on my fountain where he can play in the water while watching me type away at this blog.  It’s harder than heck to get a good photo thru a screened window but today I got lucky and captured Fred in all his ebony ebullience.  Caw Caw Caw-ing away, I have no doubt he was feelin’ frisky and  channeling his inner Bobby Darin.

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