Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fun with Power Tools

Just like Elaine Bennes, Bart Simpson, Conan O'Brien and about a billion others, I've always wanted to say that!

Actually, the Dingo—sort of a miniature bobcat with a plethora of cool and useful attachments-- has been a regular visitor to Bon Bon Pond of late.  We used him last week to dig around 200 hosta holes and today he delivered some beautiful landscape  boulders as well as removed a section of fencing.  When it comes to hard work, you just can’t beat this bad boy!  A heavy hauler with  a heart, the dandy Dingo gave “my buybee” a thrill-filled ride around the rocks then delivered her safely back home.

Special thanks to Bon Bon Pond’s best friend, Jeff, and his trusty Suburban for their invaluable help with the 2012 Improvement Project, and to the wonderful Steve Wagner from A-1 Minnetonka Rental for the use of  their Dingo, trailers and other fun power tools. 

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